Up Your SUP Game

sup yoga.jpg
  • So last week we talked about the benefits of stand up paddle boarding, this week we will take your stand up paddle boarding to the next level with SUP Yoga. We all know Yoga is good for you but there are many benefits to taking it outdoors and on the water:

1.       As with paddle boarding, SUP yoga is done on the water. Floating on calm water, no matter where you are, is incredibly peaceful and tranquil. Mother nature all around. The outdoors at its’ best.

2.       SUP yoga engages more muscles than regular yoga. The board is somewhat unstable in the water forcing you to use more muscles to maintain your balance

3.       Your board is mobile. No more rushing for a spot in class. If the sun is in your eye, move your board. Go where you want.

Below are 5 beginner poses for SUP Yoga


chair pose - sup yoga.jpg


Warrior pose - sup yoga.jpg


bridge pose - sup yoga.jpg


hip opener - sup yoga.jpg


seated yoga pose - sup.jpg


Andre Gordon