Stretching – Part Two


Last week's blog was about dynamic stretching as a warm-up for activity and sports, so you may be thinking, what about good old static stretching, where does that fit in? Is there a place for it? Yes, static stretching has not been banished but now the research is saying that it is best after activity or sports to improve flexibility and cool your body down or as a separate activity to enhance flexibility.

Below are static stretches for the major muscle groups in the body:

Hamstring Stretch

hamstring stretch.jpg

Quadricep Stretch

quadricep stretch.jpg

Hip Adductor Stretch

hip adductor stretch.png

Calf Stretch

calf stretch.jpg

Triceps Stretch

tricep stretch.jpg

Pectoralis Stretch

pec stretch.jpg

For a static stretching program, hold your stretch for 30 seconds, do 5 reps and do daily for enhanced flexibility or after sports to cool down.

Suzie Foreman is a physiotherapist who specializes in orthopaedics and sports. She currently practices at Rebalance Sports Medicine in Toronto.