How to Improve Your Golf Game


Spring is here and the golf courses will be opening shortly. If you have not been training in the off season, it is never too late to start, but you should get going now. 

How can a personal trainer help me with my game? How are they going to make my ball get to the hole from the tee easier? 

Well, most golfers especially those doing tournaments, will find that on the front half of their game, they will be hitting the ball down the fairway with strength and accuracy. Then on the back half, their game goes down the tubes, and they can’t understand why. Think about it, you have been walking for the last hour-and-half, in the warm sun, you have hit 35 -50 strokes and now you have to repeat what you just did on the way out, but you have less energy and  you are now a bit tired. 

With Golf being a ‘rotary sport’ and “Dem Bones” are all connected by muscles, you need to make your body both strong and mobile. A personal trainer, can help you with both of these elements. 

In the off-season, you should have been working on: 

Core – to be able to transfer power from the legs, through the thorax, down the arms to the club-head, without causing injury to your hips, back, shoulders or arms. 

Shoulders – not only to be able to transfer power, but also to control the club so that it’s head hits the ball in the sweet spot so the ball goes as straight as possible towards the green. 

Fitness/Endurance – when playing a tournament, you are supposed to walk the course, unless you get special permission by the organizing body. The average golf course is 6.2 km with 7.8 km being the longest par-72 course in the world and the average game taking four hours or more. This is quite some time on your feet. 

Next week, we will discuss how to improve your fitness for the game. 

Andre Gordon