Golf: It's Time to Hit Some Balls


Let’s get working on your fitness. 

What a Personal Trainer should bring to this party: ”Focus predominantly on increasing the production of angular club head velocity through the development of a player’s ability to generate larger ground reaction forces and speed of movement, in addition to the promotion of safe and efficient deceleration of force through increases in strength." 

They should also keep in mind "there is often a consensus for training the core in isolation to generate high levels of force in rotational sports. This may not be the optimal approach, as exercises that elicit repeated simultaneous flexion and rotations in the lower-back (lumbar spine) increase the chance of spinal injury (1). It has been reported that the core is never a power generator, as power is generated in the hips and transmitted through a stable core.”

(1) Strength and Conditioning Considerations for Golf, NSCA Strength and Conditioning Journal, Oct. 2014

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9 - Golf, part 2 copy.png

These are some of the movements/exercises I would recommend depending on your goals and what an assessment may suggest.


Andre Gordon