Proper Lunge Form


Last week I discussed proper squat form, this week I will discuss the squat’s cousin – the lunge.

The lunge is much harder to do but if done correctly can be an excellent multi joint, multi muscle exercise and a good staple in a workout routine.

For proper lunges you should have good foot and ankle stability. If you have had past injuries to your ankles or feet and your balance is off, you should address these issues first. Your feet are your foundation and the foundation needs to be strong. If your feet and ankles are stable, progress to the lunge.


1)      Starting position – Start by standing up tall with your feet hip width apart and the core engaged.

2)      Take a large step forward with your R leg keeping it in line with your R hip or go slightly wider. You want the heel to hit the ground first so don’t take too large a step. Plant that foot firmly on the ground.

3)      Lean forward slightly with a hip hinge

4)      Bend both knees to lower your body to the floor until your R knee is bent to 90 degrees with the knee over the ankle. Do not let the knee go past the toes. If it is, take a larger step to start. Also, do not let the knee drop in towards the midline. The movement should be straight down.

5)      Press into your R heel to drive your body back up to the start position

6)      Do not add weight to your lunges until you have mastered a bodyweight lunge

suzie foreman