Fitness Gifts for Christmas!


Last week, my blog was on fitness stocking stuffers. This week, we move onto the bigger gifts. All fitness people love to get gifts related to their sports or workouts. Here are a few ideas below:

1)      Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow

These ladies are at it again. Last year they came out with their first cookbook, Eat Slow, Run Fast with yummy recipes. Here are more great recipes with the added bonus of being fast to prepare.

eat fast, cook fast.png

2)      Agility Ladder

The best thing since sliced bread if you are a serious athlete looking to improve your speed and agility. Lots of drills can be done so you will not get bored.

Agility Ladder.png

3)      Weight lifting gloves

The ones in the picture are for women but men can use gloves too. Gloves are great for gripping, especially if your hands tend to get sweaty. They will also minimize callousing.


4)      Running gloves

Again the ones in the picture are for women but men can use gloves too. Great for keeping your hands warm on those frosty days.

Trailheads Women’s running gloves.


5)      Best Yoga Mat

Why is this the best? Zero slippage, that’s why.

6)      Boxing gloves

Boxing is one of my favourite activities to do with clients and many of my clients like it. Good gloves are essential.

Sanabul Boxing gloves on

Boxing Gloves.jpg

7)     Buff Headband

For my Canadian running peeps - when those cold winds blow in January and February, you will be thankful you have this headband to keep you warm.

Buff UV headband on

Buff headband.jpg

8)      Back Buddy Massage Tool

Rolling has become the way to loosen up tight tissue and it is very quick and effective for working out knots and tension. This tool will help you to reach those hard to reach tight spots.

Back Buddy Massage Tool.


9)      Itunes gift card

I don’t advocate running or cycling outside with music for safety reasons but, if you are indoors nothing beats great tunes for motivation.


10)   Personal Training

We all know that we work harder when someone is coaching us and kicking our butts. Personal training is great to help keep you on target to reach your goals.

Andre Gordon