Fitness Stocking Stuffers

Christmas Stockings 2.jpg

Santa Claus is on his way and there is shopping, shopping and more shopping to do. What to get? Better yet, what about stocking stuffers, a Canadian tradition that I am not used to. Below are a few ideas for the fitness people on your list.

1,   Gaiam Grippy Yoga Socks - $8

No more slipping and sliding on the yoga floor/mat!


2.    Invisibobbles - $10

The latest trend in ponytail holders and boy do they hold!


3.    Tune up – fitness therapy balls - $15

Speaking from personal experience, rolling is one of the fastest ways to loosen tight muscles. These tune up balls do a nice job on muscles like the piriformis, upper fibres of traps and levator scapulae, to name a few. Highly recommended.


4. Knotty Tiger Trigger Point Massage Ball - $18

Another great tool to work out those knots!


5. Goal Getter Journal

Writing down goals puts dreams into action!


6. Fitness Gear Speed Jump Rope

Portable and effective. If you don’t think you are fit enough, just do intervals of skipping with body weight exercises for a concise but powerful workout.

fitness gear jump rope.jpg

7. Light up Arm Bands

I had to put these in there since I went on so much about Winter Running Safety last week.

light up Arm Bands.jpg

8. Fitness Dice by Strength Stack

Mix things up so you never get bored.

fitness dice.jpg
Andre Gordon