Running Injuries - Part One

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One of my patients years ago said to me: “there are two things guaranteed with running, you will lose weight and you will get injured”. So, so true. In my 32 years of being a physiotherapist, I have seen many running injuries. This week I will focus on common hip injuries and what to do for them.

Lateral hip pain/Greater Trochanteric Bursitis


This pain is usually due to overuse and there can be underlying low back, pelvis or hip joint issues and core/hip muscle weakness contributing to the complaint. Classically patients will complain of lateral hip pain with sit-stand movements, going up and down stairs or when lying on that side.

Physiotherapy treatment may include stretching for muscles around the hip, core and hip strengthening exercises, joint mobilizations, soft tissue release techniques, modalities and/or acupuncture/Gunn IMS.

Piriformis Syndrome


This pain is usually located over the posterior aspect of the hip. It can truly be due to a tight piriformis but, as in lateral hip pain, there may be an underlying low back, pelvis or hip joint issue. In addition faulty biomechanics of gait/overpronation can be contributing to the problem.

Physiotherapy treatment may include stretching and strengthening of the piriformis muscle, rolling of the IT band and piriformis, soft tissue release techniques, modalities, acupuncture or Gunn IMS and perhaps, orthotics.

When should I seek help?

If a pain has been giving you trouble for over a week and especially if it is interfering with your running, I would seek professional advice. The earlier you seek help, usually the faster you can get rid of the problem. I do not advocate running through an injury.

Happy Running

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