Why Should Women Weight Lift Weights - Part 1


Most women when they think of fitness tend to think of cardio and they neglect any kind of resistance training to build muscle. This is a mistake as the benefits of doing resistance training are numerous. Here are a few:

  1. You will lose body fat: when you train properly, you will gain muscle mass. At rest, muscle burns more calories than fat so ultimately you will burn more calories at rest. A slight increase in your resting metabolic rate will be the reason why you will lose fat.
  2. You will become physically stronger: this is a key reason to strength train. The more women maintain their strength, the better off they will be to do everyday things like climbing the stairs, lifting kids and groceries and getting into and out of chairs.
  3. You will reduce your risk of osteoporosis: weight training, coupled with adequate calcium can lead to increased bone mineral density.
  4. You will improve your athletic performance: If you cycle or run, you will be able to go faster and longer. If you play golf, you will improve your drives. In addition, you will reduce your risk of injury while doing your sports
  5. You will reduce your risk of back pain and pain from osteoarthritis: strength training builds stronger muscles and stronger connective tissue thereby increasing joint stability.
  6. You will reduce your risk of heart disease: weight training lowers LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, increases HDL (“good” )cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. All of these factors will improve your cardiovascular health
  7. You will Reduce your Risk of Diabetes: Adult onset diabetes is a growing problem for women and men. Weight training may help the body to process sugar better, which may reduce the risk of type II diabetes
  8. You will improve your attitude: It is not uncommon for women who strength train to report feelings of increased confidence, this may help in fighting depression.

So, there you have eight great reasons why women should strength train. What are you all waiting for? Stay tuned for my blog next week on the different types of exercise that fall under the category of strength training and what benefits each exercise provides.