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Be Careful Out There!

Trail running and riding can be the best running and riding out there but be careful not to let dangerous vegetation get you. A few years ago on my 50th birthday, being new to Canada and totally naïve, I had the lovely experience of brushing up against some poison ivy. At first, my wife and I thought the first lesion was psoriasis and since my father has it, I thought “oh well, happy birthday to me”.

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Stretching – Part One

As a physiotherapist, I see many patients who injure themselves because they didn’t do an adequate warm up. I also see many patients who are still doing “old school” static stretches before they do a sport. It has been a few years now, that as a physiotherapist, I have been telling patients to stop doing static stretches before sports or activity and to change to a dynamic warm-up.

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How To Deal with the Heat

With the Sun now here in Toronto and we are ending the month of May with a heatwave, let’s talk about the effects of the sun and over heating. 

Let’s be Sun Smart. Overexposure to sun can be extremely dangerous. In the short run, unprotected exposure can cause moderate to severe sunburn. In the long run, the skin and eyes can be damaged. The risk of skin cancer and cataracts increases with exposure. 

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Why Should Women Weight Lift Weights - Part 1

Most women when they think of fitness tend to think of cardio and they neglect any kind of resistance training to build muscle. This is a mistake as the benefits of doing resistance training are numerous. Here are a few:

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Why You Should Train with a Heart Rate Monitor

In 1979 POLAR filed its first patent for wireless heart rate measurement and in 1982, launched the first ever wire-free wearable heart rate monitor, changing the way athletes trained forever.

There are a few things that you want to determine when you have a heart rate monitor:

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Finding the Best Personal Trainer

You have made that decision – you want to work with a personal trainer. This is a big step as you have made the decision to improve your health and fitness. Personal trainers, like other professional, can be good or bad at what they do. Who do you choose? What makes someone the best personal trainer in Toronto or anywhere for that matter?

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